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Art Journal…

I have never done an art journal before so I was worried that I wouldn’t know how to do it right but then I thought, it’s my art so how can I mess up, right? I can already tell this is going to be very liberating for me. This is all for me which I never get to do because I always srap the kids. I love that I can totally let go in this and show my true inner art and just let it all flow. I actually took a page and made a banner out of it. I used, of course, 7Gypsies which is my absolute fav. Their stuff totally rocks and I dont know what I would do in my art without them. I also love Tim Holtz and didn’t know till today that he is going to be at the Scrapbook Oasis in OC on my b/day. I would have gone if it were on a different weekend.
Here are a few pages. I think if you click on the pic you can read the words better. I just dont feel like typing it all out. I wrote this one the day I decided on the topic of my jouranl. I just want it to be open and honest. I don’t mind being an open book. So this should be a pretty deep journal, which I love. I hope you enjoy the work and I will continue to post the pages as soon as I get them done.

Random Fact About Me…I hate to let the phone ring more then twice. I was a receptionist a long time ago and this really help in my job on a 10 line phone. It would just drive me crazy to hear the phone ring more then once or twice. I am totally a phone person, it ain’t even funny.


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I am so happy I was able to add music and video to my blog. I am working on a new banner too.

I know I’ve been totally out of comission lately and I really miss you guys but I have really been trying hard to stay off of the computer and get stuff done. We have been super crazy with the whole business thing, lots of new updates that I will try to post this weekend. I’ve been trying to spend more time with the kids instead of being online all the time too. It is a nice refresher especailly cause my eyes were starting to go out on my from looking at the screen all the time, lol

We are getting ready for Mike’s best friend to come visit in May and I can’t wait. Dave is the absolute BEST. He works for Apple and helps me with all of my computer needs. He took 2 nights last week to help me wiht my email problems and did not give up till it was fixed. Gotta luv this guy. I told him I would name my next kid after him, then I told him that we aren’t planning to have anymore but it’s the thought that counts. He thought it was funny and I could tell he was blushing over the phone, I thought it was funny that I could actually hear him blush. He’s a pretty shy guy. I am always tryin to set him up with someone cause he is single. Great catch too, college grad, never married, no kids… anyone need a date? 🙂 I’ve always been the matchmaker 🙂

I started on an art journal. I have been wanting to do one for the longest time and finally decided to start since I am spending more time on the scrappin table and away from the desk and computer. So I look forward to posting. I don’t know how it will turn out since it’s my first one but I’m kinda focusing on a {me} topic, just about stuff that goes on in my head and being honest and getting stuff down on paper. Should be cool.

Well I will let yall go for now, as usual I went off on a ramble. And I hope yall enjoyed the music. Lenny is my absolute fav, his music comes from my soul! This song was of course chosen because I miss my beautiful husband when he is gone and is just perfect as to how I feel. We saw Lenny in concert together a few years ago. I just think it’s awesome when you find the love of your life AND yall share the same passion for the same music. It goes really deep. If you dont like it, well just turn the speakers down and enjoy my blog anyway. {HEARTS}

Random About Me Fact:
I am a collector with my biggest collection being my Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. I used to have everything displayed but now they are in storage in Texas.

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I have missed yall so much. Just a quick post because I am feeling a little under the weather. I hope yall had a very blessed Easter. Mike was here for almost a week. He left again today. It was a wonderful week and we had a very nice Easter. It was Blake’s first Easter and the first time that Abbey colored eggs. We are normally out of town during Easter so she never colored eggs. She had a blast.
Also wanted to let yall know that my email is broken right now so I cannot receive messages, uggg. We are working to get that fixed right away. Please let me know if you have tried to email me in my comments section. I may have to buy a new CD drive also, which will run me about $300, I didn’t need that expense right now for sure.
So I don’t feel all that great so I am going to keep this entry short and sweet. Enjoy the pics and I will chat with you very soon…

Random Fact About Me…
I bruise very easily, I say this because I have a big ole’ bruise on my arm from the console of my car coming down on it and it hurts 🙂

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I am so excited. I have offically opened my Cafe Press Store. I didn’t plan to, but I was laying in bed thinking about it and God just spoke to my heart and He gave me a vision for my first logo. I had already been working on my own site for my photography and scrapbooking which I named Studio Without Walls ™ so I kept the name for my Cafe Press store. Studio Without Walls ™ comes from the fact that when I do a photo shoot, I am on location only and dont have a studio 🙂 Boy I am creative huh , LOL.

I have told you before how my friend Kelly send me the most awesome book The Artist’s Way ~A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity~ well this book did wonders for not only my art but for me to be able to find my creativity through spiritual guidance. It uncovered so much for me. After reading this book, my creative being, my art was never the same. I feel it only got better and better, and what I feel is really the only thing that counts. I know that everything I work on is done for me and not to impress others. Don’t get me wrong, it is nice when others enjoy my work but I no longer feel bad if I dont get praise orif I get cc for my work. Anyway, I was thinking about all of this and that is when God place the words used in my first logo creation into my head, {Art} From The Creator Within.

I hope yall like it. I can’t wait to get my first shirt. I mean I am always in a white t-shirt anyway, so why not make it my own creation. I will be working on more designs and I truly hope you enjoy!

Studio Without Walls ™ – My Cafe Press store!

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Have you ever experienced something in your life and the more you think about it and the more closely you look at it you realize that if it weren’t for the grace of God, things could have been very very bad. Well I had one of those days today.

First off I have to post this in hopes that it will help someone else out there in the same situation. Well, I have never used the self cleaning feature on my oven. I have a double oven, top and bottom kind. The top oven has some olive oil spilt in it and so I saw this awesome button on my oven that said self clean. Ha Ha, so what do I do? I turn it on. It lockes the oven and it started doing its thing. I thought great, I’ll let it clean and then I will finish it off when its done. Well, we were sitting in the family room which is open to my kitchen, my back was turned to the kitchen and oven but I could smell something in the air. Blonde me thought “oh, its cleaning so good that it starting to smell in here, duh” The Abbey starts to point and yell “look, look” and I turn around and there are clouds of smoke coming out of the top of the oven. Not little smoke signals, but huge clouds of smoke. So I jump up near panic and see that there are flames starting to come up on the bottom of the oven. Oh my gosh, what do I do, I thought to myself. I’m totally trying to keep my cool and think sensibly because I have heard of grease fires and how your not supposed to throw water on it, so I put the glass of water down. I ran and opened all the windows and doors. At this point I didn’t call the fire dept. because the fire went out on its own but there was still smoke everywhere. So I get a magazine (scrapbooking one, of course) and I start to fan the smoke that is coming out of the oven. I tried to open the oven door but it was still locked, THANK GOD! I fanned and fanned and then all of a sudden I hear a huge WHOOOF noise and I see an enferno of fire come towards me, it filled the whole oven with fire. Thank my Father in heaven that the door was locked because that oven door was the only thing keeping that fire away from my face and body. It went out immediately, it didn’t stay burning, which I thought was weird but I was so relieved that it went out on its own.
So I call Mike and he tells me to stop fanning the darn thing because the oxygen is what’s making the fire ignite. So I stop and just let it clear out on its own.

After this 15 -20 minute fiasco, it seemed like forever, I went into deep thought and started to pray to my Father that he protected me. I realized that if He would not have been there with me, I would be in a hospital tonight. I would be burned or worse. I keep seeing the fire in the oven and hearing that big woof sound. I keep seing the oven fill up with orange fire, that big ball of fire. And I keep thanking God that I am safe along with my children.

So, needless to say, I will never use that oven feature again. Or better yet, I will not use that horrible place called a kitchen again 🙂

I know one person in my distant family that will totally appreciate this entry because her hubby is a fire fighter and she also shares my dislike of the kitchen :), you know who you are, love you girlie 🙂

Random About Me Fact:
I am a dreamer, I love to dream of things to come. Ever since I was a little girl I would sit and daydream. I would let my mind take me someplace other then where I was. I would see my future and dream of how it would be. I would put my mind years ahead of its time and just dream.

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