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Okay, I hate for my post to be short and sweet but I am working on a few scrap projects and trying to get back into the groove. So I will post some pics fr yesterday. I love the 4th of July, such a great celebration. I was sad that Mike was not here to celebrate with us but we will be together very soon. The pic with Abbey covering her ears and Blake crying show that my kids didn’t enjoy the fireworks as much as Krista and I did. We went to the beach for a little bit first and then down to see the fireworks by the fairgrounds. The San Diego County fair was in town, we went on Sat. and it was such fun. I got some pretty good shots of the ferris wheel.
Oh, if there is anyone interested in boutique girls items, I have some new listing on ebay. The link is on the right. I changed my ebay sceen name too. I thought it was time to add Blakes name to it so he won’t be left out.
I have a new avatar sporting my new hair with highlights that my BIL did for me when I was in H town. I think I want to go lighter.

Random About Me Fact:
As far as decor is concerned I love the whole Shabby Chic look, weathered chipped wood, white paint and such. I just can’t get enough but no matter how hard I would try, I dont think I can pull it off in my own house. I am too Pottery Barnish 🙂 What is your fav decor style?


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I’m back…

From vacation and finally all rested up. It was a long one. Houston is a place I really never care to see again. It has changed so much and the weather is horrible. I just dont understand why anyone would want to torture themselves living there. The mesquitos were the worst. I have never seen anything like it. They were huge. Very funny story I will have to share with you this week about the bugs.
Family was fine. It rained alot. We had the kids b/day parties together at my sister’s house and it was fun. We had a great turn out. It was very nice even though it was hot as heck. So my baby is 1 yrs old now. How sad, no more babies. Abbey will be 5 on July 20. I just dont know where time goes.
I scrapped like crazy today, did about 4 lo’s. I missed scrappin and had a ton of scrap energy in me, had to get it out.
I am starting to pack for the move. I have family that is coming in this month too so it will be very busy for the next few months. I will try to keep updating my blog. I hate when I go weeks without an update. Blogging really is a therapy for me.
Here are some candid pics from the party and vacation….

Blake looking at rain floods for the first time

My MIL with the b/day boy

Mike and I with Blake

The b/day cake

Abbey the b/day Princess

Blake digging into his 1st cake

He didnt know what to do with it, lol

Abbey blowing out her candles

Blake playing the piano

This has to be one of my favs, Abbey and my nephew

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