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Happy New Year…

Just wanted to wish everyone a very blessed and happy new year. I hope your new year is an awesome one! I am anxious to leave 2006 behind and start fresh in 2007. I love each and every one of you and wanted to give a very heartfelt thank you for all of your prayers and support in this past year. It has brought me through some very hard and stressful times.
We see a big forcast for 2007 already and pray for God’s favor and pray that He will lead us in His awesome path. Thank you Father for getting us through this past year.
I promise to blog more frequently and hope to have some exciting things going on here for my readers.
Till then, be safe and Happy New Year!!!


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Glorious Sunday…

Another glorious Sunday of spending time with the family and enjoying Mike being home. First off, I want to apologize to everyone that I scared half to death with my last post. And I was very impressed by those who knew me better than to believe my story,lol. My MIL almost died and said she was literally crying while reading it. She said I should sell it, lol. Anyway I hope you all got a good laugh over it and that no one was harmed during the reading of my little joke.

Krista’s b/day is tomorrow, the big 18. This is her 18 on the 18th. I never thought of that until Mike told me on my 29th, shrug. I can’t believe it has been 18 years since I was an 18 year old giving birth to my first child. Time really does fly. Where does it go? The time from there till here, where is it. Bottled up in memories? That is all we are left with? This is why it is so improtant to scrapbook those memories and preserve every second we can.

Still trying to get all unpacked and organized for Christmas. It is very difficult for me to get back on track with the house but it is getting there slowly but surly. I get so tired so very easily. I will rest in Jesus and pray for strength.

I hope everyone out there are having a fun time preparing for the celebration of our Father’s birth. I must stop and not get overwhelmed and remember how awesome this time of the year is. What a grand celebration, the birth of our precious lamb, our King!

I will leave you with some work I had a chance to do. I hope you enjoy it and thanks to Wilna for the reminder through her work to use my sewing machine and journal more :)…

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