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RAK Time Again…

Another quickie post 🙂
I went to the antique mall today to browse around and I found a really cool jar of old buttons. I have been obsessed lately with mother of pearl buttons so it was a perfect find. Since we own dry cleaners, I have always had an abundance of buttons. I used to have boxes full of buttons and goodies off of people’s clothes (although I must say our best find in the dry cleaning machine was a one carot diamond on a necklace). I have one jar of buttons that I saved because I really liked them and I threw the rest away. The jar I found today was full of mother of pearl buttons.

So…since everyone is at CHA, I thougth it would be cool to have a RAK for all of us who stayed behind. Look at the pics of my button jar. Leave me a comment with a guess of how many buttons are in the jar and I will pick a winner on Wednesday. The person guessing closest without going over wins. If there is a tie, I will pick a name out of a hat.
Have fun guessing. Now back to work for me 🙂

God Bless!


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Short post, I just wanted to say…Is there anyone out there? Yes, I am still alive. Just been busy with dh here and working on my own stuff. It snowed today. It was beautiful. It was a sun shiny day with snow coming down from the sky. It didnt stick but it was a beautiful sight nontheless. I wish I could post some of the stuff I have worked on but of course it cant be posted yet. I hope to scrapbook this weekend for me.
I added some links of some pretty places on my sidebar. Thats about all thats new. I have much more to add to that and to this blog for you.

Stay scrappin and have a great weekend!

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Good To Be…


I have had several assignments to keep me busy. They always seem to flow in when dh is home. I am very excited cause I had a request to do a layout for a cover. I will let you know if I get it. It feels so good to have my work recognized, especially by one of the major top mags, yea!

This week has been busy with dh home. He did manage to get my desk set up and I am so excited that my office is officially done, yea! The house has managed to stay fairly organized. Your tips are really helping.

Nothing else major to report. I was considering CHA. I found some very chear airline tickets but I really dont feel like finding a babysitter for 3 whole days, kwim.

So I just want to stop in and wish everyone a very good weekend and challenge you to scrap your little hearts out, I know I will be 🙂


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Yea, Mike is coming home tomorrow morning. Can you guess I can’t wait. We had a very good weekend. The weather was amazingly beautiful for this time of year. We actaully were able to go out w/out jackets. The sun was shining all weekend. And I went to my LSS and shopped, which was the most fun 🙂
Here is a card I made for my sweetie. Messy look but I so love it, I dont care what anyone else thinks 🙂 I love paint and cardboard. The pic is of us when we first met. We look so young, lol. I printed the pic on vellum. I love the ribbon from MM, love the crushed velvet. Used ton of embossing glitter power on the XOXO. I hope everyone has a great week. TFL…

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Okay, I am so excited right now I can barely type. I HAVE THE BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!!!! GUESS what I got!!!! Not one but two new pieces of furniture!!!! Okay so I was shopping and laid my eyes on this beauty…

Then I turned the corner and saw this baby!!!!!

I had been eyeballing it in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog like forever! OMGOSH I cant believe it! I had my heart set on this bed for Blake when he gets out of his crib and I cannot believe I found it WAYYYYYYY below PBK’s price. The EXACT SAME bed!
Sorry I am yelling but you just dont know me if you dont know how much I love a great deal.

So I called Mike on the phone cause he’s in CA and I tell him about the boat bed first, I was so excited I was almost in tears, lol. Okay so I get VERY excited at a great deal. Anyway, he didnt seem so excited on the first phone call. He just said, oh, okay, cool, a bed. But he didnt say for me to get it. So then I emailed him the pic from my phone and after a couple of more phone calls he said, okay ,well what are you asking from me. I told him I wanted him to get as excited as I was and he laughed and said, I dont know why your not at the register paying for it already, go get it. He was as excited as me but just playing it off :). So then I told him about the desk. Now, about the desk, it is the one piece I need to complete my office/scraproom. And I saw a desk with this style just this morning on tv and I thought to myself, hmmmm, that would look so awesome in my office. And MIRACULOUSLY it was right there in front of me. WoW! Talk about God knowing the desires of ones heart. AMAZING!
So anyway, I told Mike about the desk and do you know what he said, DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE SAID????? He said, I dont know what your waiting for, get’em both!!!!
Now some may wonder why I needed my husband’s approval to buy anything, but I just always do. I respect him as head of our house hold and I dont think I have ever made a decision without his approval.

Anyway, I think I better go lay down before I have an attack of some sort from all of my excitement 🙂

Lisa is a very happy happy girl!!!!!!!

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And The Last RAK…

Goes to….
Congrats cupcake, I like that name, cupcake it is so cute 😉 Email me your addy for your RAK. I will get all of those out asap I promise.

I can’t tell you how much fun this week of blogging was for me. To try my best to get back into the swing of my life and back to the things that make me feel normal. I really enjoyed all of the company I got here.

So today I went to the carpet store because they are having a huge sale and our second level is all carpet and it desperatly needs to be replaced. I dont know anything about carpet buying and after the visit to the store I still dont know anything about carpet buying. I went to the competitors store after and they of course told me all the bad stuff about the other store and so on but they were honest and told me that if the other store could guarentee everything in writing that I should go back to them because they couldnt beat the price. So I guess I will wait for Mike to get home to actually go back and pick. If you know anything about carpet please give me your input.

Oh, I almost forgot, I got my March issue of Memory Makers! How could I forget this. Any who, I have a two page spread in it. YEA! I was so thrilled with the way the article came out and the way they featured my layouts in it was so awesome. I had no idea it was going to be a two pager. WOW!!! Jill did such an awesome job on the article. It was about color. I love color! I got my layouts back safe and sound and 2 copies of the mag. I cant remember if MM pays for layout but if they do maybe the check is in the mail because I havent received anything. I actually am still owed payment from CK and have tried numerous time to contact them with no luck. I think they used my CA addy and I had already moved.
I was telling Mike that I was shocked when MM asked for the two lo’s that they chose because I would have never considered them mag quality. Just goes to show that you never know what they are going to ask for. It just depends on what they need. I really thank God for getting picked up again because I was totally not expecting it and all my stuff was in storage at the time. It was during our move and we were in Houston. I was just lucky that I checked my email when I did because I didnt even have computer access at the time. Just my luck I had to go out and dig into that storage till I found my albums. WHEW, thank God I found them and didn’t really have too hard of a time at that 🙂

Any big plans for the weekend. It is raining here so probably just going to put your organizing tips to work and try to clean the house. Sounds fun huh YUK.

Have a great weekend 🙂

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RAK #5…

Let the marching band play because we have my fourth winner

Congrats! Get me your info so I can get that RAK out to you.

I totally loved your organization ideas and really will put each and every one of them to use. I only wish I had half of your disipline, (especially you Lori 😉 really, you put everything away right after use? Please help me, lol.

I have a list of blogs that I frequent daily. I will try to get them all listed on my blog as links so my readers may enjoy them also. One blog that has really captured my soul is Nitty.Gritty
For those who are not familiar with Jody Ferlaak, she was a Scrapbooker of The Year finalist for CK’s SOY contest and is a woman who amazes me every time I read her blog. Jody and her family have faced the worst tragedy that any family could face in a lifetime; the loss of a child. I will not go into detail as I don’t want to cry right now, but please read her blog. She is such an inspiration and my words cannot do justice to the amazing woman that she is. Her faith in God and the strength and courage that she finds through Him is beyond human comprehension. She has touched my heart so deeply and doesn’t even know. It takes a very special person to do that and that she is. My heart and prayers go out to her and her family.

Like I said before, I love to read blogs. Which leads me to my RAK question of the day.
Who are some of your favorite bloggers? What is it that keeps you going back to your favorites? I would love to be introduced to them.

And if by any chance you like my blog, please link me on yours. I love my readers and the traffic. My blog will be going through a major makover in the next few weeks so I hope yall will enjoy it even more. And for those lurkers out there, yes I CAN SEE YOU, post a comment and have a chance to win a RAK. Dont be shy 🙂

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