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Have you ever stumped your toe so hard that it burned like fire. I just did that to my tiny little toe!


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Sad News Today…

Many of you may know that my mom was diagnosed with cancer back in March. She took 6 weeks of radiation and chemo. She had a CAT scan today and the doctor said that the tumor is still there and is actaull larger then before. It is in her pancreas so needless to say, it doesn’t look good.

Please pray for her. She appreciates all of the prayers she is receiving from all over the world. We know Jesus can heal and we will not lose hope in Him. I am expecting a miracle!

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I don’t think I have posted these here. TFL…

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MIA Blogger…

So sorry for not posting and being a bad blogger. I seem to be all out of bloggin mojo. Can someone send me some 🙂
A brief update of this weekend goes like this and I promise to post pics soon cause I know that pics make a blog more visually enticing 🙂

Friday: We had a great time at dd’s graduation dinner. Not too many people but it was nice. My bff and her family went, I have known them since Abbey was about 2 and her son was about 1 1/2 so they have been bff too,lol. It was just adorable to see Abbey and her friend talk together at the dinner table like the big kids. She really cracks us up with the things that she says. Here is their conversation:

Abbey: Do you have muscles?
Stefan: Yep
Abbey: Can I feel them
Stefan: Puts his arm up flexing his muscle
Abbey: Wow, you do have muscles, and they’re big too
Stefan: Yep
Abbey: They are big enough to save me if I need help!

We were rofl at this, it was so adorable. Mike just about died at her flirting at 5 yrs old, lol

We went to the UFC fight at Hooters. Had a couple of Corona’s and chicken wings. It was an awesome fight

Father’s Day was perfect. We went to the mountains and had a picnic by the lake. It was beautiful. We had fresh watermelon that was super sweet and seedless which made the $6.00 price tag all worth it.

So I promise to keep up with my blog a bit better and will post the pics and a few lo’s soon.
And please leave me a comment so I can know that I am at least holding your interest. I know your there because my numbers show it 🙂 I won’t bite, lol. But please no rude obnoxious comments because I do monitor my comments now Miss Georgia 🙂

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I love the home of Thomas Jefferson. Monticello is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Here are some pics of the home and the gardens…


The Tree’s are Watching

Slave Quarters

The Garden

Onions in the garden

The vineyard



Cherry Tree

Thomas Jefferson’s Grave Site

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