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But good, good, good shopper….

I have been looking and looking for a train table for the kids and really wanted the PBK table but didnt want to spend a ton of money on it because I wasnt sure how long we would use it. So I found this one this weekend for $15. I LOVE IT!…


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Have I been gone this long???? Honestly? I never imagined that it had been since July since my last post. If I DO have any more readers out there, here’s a little of what I’ve been up to…

We are very blessed. Things are great. I miss all of my friends here.

Homeschooling…Is going very well

Business…Is going very well

Our Lives…Are pretty near perfect!

The leaves are turning and falling, it is beautiful.

I have been hitting so many yard sales it is ridiculous. I don’t know where or when my crazed habit for thrifting started because my mom is not that “type”, but I AM!

Scrapbooking…Enjoying it still!

Here is a peek at one of my deals of the century and I think only a scrapbooker can appreciate it. I found this baby at a local thrift shop.

Actually my dh found it and boy was I a very happy girl. I just knew that I married him for more than his sexy bod and gorgeous blue eyes 😉
This is THE HP cp 1700 color inkjet printer! Yes! It prints in 13×19 + It may be a retired model at HP but when it did retail new it was a very expensive printer. Guess, just guess, how much I got it for????


Can you believe that! I was thrilled to say the least!

Well I will try my best to update more frequently. I am hardly at my computer anymore but I will do my best to make time 🙂

See you soon 🙂

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