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We moved back!

Oh gosh. I am so sorry for this but we are back at Blogger:


I finally figured out how to make my pics bigger on Blogger,which was the main reason we moved. WP simply did not allow me to do the things I needed to do to personalize my blog and I didnt want to host it myself, yet anyway.

Please bookmark my original blog over at blogger or add us to your RSS.



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Exciting News…

This girl:

Got a call back from our local modeling agency,
which is a division of


We will be meeting with them to hear all about the agency and see what we need to get started. I am so very excited! She is so beautiful and I know, I’m her Mom but please, isn’t she??? LOL

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Work on some pics that we took the other day. Played around with some conversions that I made up in PS CS2. I usually just play around until I get the desired effect. CC welcome!

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