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We moved back!

Oh gosh. I am so sorry for this but we are back at Blogger:


I finally figured out how to make my pics bigger on Blogger,which was the main reason we moved. WP simply did not allow me to do the things I needed to do to personalize my blog and I didnt want to host it myself, yet anyway.

Please bookmark my original blog over at blogger or add us to your RSS.



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Exciting News…

This girl:

Got a call back from our local modeling agency,
which is a division of


We will be meeting with them to hear all about the agency and see what we need to get started. I am so very excited! She is so beautiful and I know, I’m her Mom but please, isn’t she??? LOL

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6 Months Today

Today is 6 months that my Mom is gone. I had a dream last night that I was in my car on Mike’s laptop outside of some kind of store. My Mom came out of the store and I looked up and saw her. My mind told me (in my dream) that she wasn’t really there because she was gone and to not go up to her because she would disappear. It was all in slow motion and she walked by my car and we were looking at each other and she walked around my car until I couldn’t see her anymore. It was really weird because even in my sleep, my mind tells me that she is gone, maybe to not give me false hope that this is just a horrible nightmare, I dunno.

I wanted to share a layout I did for her when she was sick. I had not posted it yet but I read it at her funeral. It is titled “Real Mom”. I cannot believe that the pic of her in this layout was taken only 1 1/2 years before her diagnosis. It was when we lived in CA and she had come to visit us because Houston was having hurricane Rita. She was 74 in the pic and never looked her age, ever.

I have one regret about this layout and that is that I did not read it to her. I sent her the layout when she was already pretty sick and when I was going to read it to her over the phone, she couldn’t really talk for too long and she had to let me go. When I went to Houston, we didn’t have a lot of private time together and she was so sick, I just never had a chance to read it. I know that she knew though. I know that she knew that she was my only Mom. I voiced that quite loudly throughout my life.

Journaling reads:

All my life, when I would talk about you, or introduce you to people, I would have to explain how you were not my “real Mom”. From a very young age, I remember you always explaining to people that you were my Grandmother who was raising me. For some reason you felt it was important for people to know this. Maybe it was because you wanted me to not forget my “real Mom”, or because you thought that they would think you were to old to have a little girl my age. Looking back now it seems very silly that we did this, I mean honestly, you were not my “real mom”, you were so much more. You sacrificed a lot to give me a good life. You didn’t have to do it, but you knew that if you did not take me and become my “real Mom” I would not have a very good life. You did everything that a little girl could want in a mom. You stayed home with me. You taught me how to read. You taught me how to roller skate. You were there every single day to meet me at the door after school. You loved me when my “real Mom” didn’t. I didn’t think about it much when I was little but, as a adult, I hate explaining that you are not my “Real Mom” so I don’t do it anymore, not very often anyway and if I do, it’s just out of habit. Lately I have had to explain to people that my mom is sick. I ask everyone to pray for my mom, that she will be healed of this horrible sickness called cancer. All my life you have been a very healthy person so now it is very hard to believe and accept this curse of cancer, to believe that you are facing sickness. I still know that God will heal you. It is because of you that I know this. You also taught me the most important part of my life. You taught me of Jesus. You took me to church every Sunday and I always had a deep passion in my heart for Jesus, my Heavenly Father . I know that He can touch you and heal you. I know that He will let you stay with us a lot longer so that I can show you how much I appreciate you being my “real Mom” and that Jesus is touching you and giving you strength to fight this sickness. I believe His word, and it says, “Through His stripes you are healed”, and I know you will be healed. I only wish I could be there in Houston with you. I know I am far away, but know that I am praying for you and think of you constantly, day and night, you are in my heart. Just like Jesus, you will never leave. Always know that you are my “real Mom” and I appreciate everything you did for me and most importantly remember that I thank you and I love you for all you are Mom. You will always be my Real Mom.

I miss you terribly Mom!

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Things Like This…

That make me happy! We are a homeschooling family, some of you may not have known that 😉 It is a very hard job, especially when you are trying to jungle a business and household all at the same time. How on earth I find time to blog, I have no idea.
There are times that my heart just jumps for joy and excitement that I homeschool. These pics show one of those times. Abbey was happily doing her math work. I went to the foyer to find Blake working on his alphabet all by himself. Abbey taught him his alphabet and how to recognize his letters when he was 2. He is working on all the different letter sounds now. It was just a good feeling to see him chose to do something educational to keep himself entertained while big sister was doing her work 🙂

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Just a few shots from this weekend including our trip to the mountains and the apple orchard. We celebrated Mike’s b/day with fine dining and family. It was so good. I played with several conversions and still working on editing. I will post more soon 🙂

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My in-laws are coming for a visit so I have been trying to get things in order. I dont know why but I’m the type of person who freaks out when someone comes over. I have to have everything as perfect as possible. This time I’m a little slacking but oh well. I have been tired from going back and forth to the cleaners. Oh yea, during my MIA, we actually finally opened our new cleaners. I will talk more on that later.

Anyway, I wanted to at least add some visual pretties to this post because it has been so long and with my company here, I’m not sure how soon I will post again.

So, here are some layouts that I have done. I have been very blessed to have been picked up quite a bit this year. I may have never won any big contests but at least I know I am worthy of being published, lol.

Oh and by the way, I was so excited to be at Barnes and Noble and pick up the latest special issue of Scrapbooking Trends and find one of my Christmas lo’s in there. I had totally forgotten that I was going to be published in that one 🙂

Have a great day!

This is the one in Scrapbook Trends…

This one was in last months Memory Makers. I love working with them and have a suprise coming up very soon that I am excited about…

Here are some I did that I had not posted here, just want to play catch up. The first one is my favorite!…

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I am more than positive that I will not have one reader for quite a while. Not because my blog sucks, my stats show that I used to have a ton of readers, but because I have not blogged in 6 months. I can’t believe, it has been half of a year since I have poured my heart and soul out onto cyber-paper.

I honestly don’t even know where to begin. I have not been able to bring myself to blog since my Mom passed away. It is still unreal that she is actually gone and I do not want to yet talk about it. I have so many thoughts and feeling but cannot bring them to the surface. I truly miss her.

I want to get blogging again, though. I love writing so much, it keeps me sane and my blog was always such an outlet for me to get my thoughts down, not on paper but into cyberspace. It keeps me on track of things a lot of times.

I hope to keep up with it, like I used to in the past. I hope to continue to bring you something of interest, to re-connect with my scrapbooking friends, personal friends and family. I hope to share great finds, scrapbook pages, photography and to share a few laughs along the way.

So with that MY BLOG IS BACK!

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