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Thank God we arrived in San Jose safely. It was a long drive but was very scenic and beautiful. It took us about 8 hours with stops. The coolest thing? My hotel room has high speed internet on the tv. How cool is that!!! Plus…I am sleeping on a Select Comfort Sleep Number matress!! I love these things. We have been planning on buying one for he longest time and just hadn’t gotten around to it.
Wel,.just wanted to update. Maybe I can meet a pea while I am here 🙂 I am stil dying to go to CHA.


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Well Krista ended up having 2 days off of school so we are going to make it a very long weekend and head on out. Since I am not going to CHA mainly because I dont have a sitter, we are going to travel up to San Jose to see dh. We will make a few stops, probably stay in Carmel. I can wait to do a phot shoot there, I heard it is beautiful. I had thought about going to Vegas with the kids since the drive is shorter but I really think I need the beautiful ocean right now. It is so soothing to me and I have been so super stressed with everything right now I really need something to calm me. I will make it a spiritual type journey and try to realax. So I am all packed up. I will have plenty of pics to scrap when I came back. Have a great weekend. Enjoy these awesome pics I found online of some of what I will be seeing…

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We just got home from the emergency room. Mike was having chest pains and trouble breathing. Scared me half to death. They ran all sorts of stuff, blood, ekg, everything and he is fine. Doctor said it has to be stress and I know it is. He is working too darn hard. I will have to figure something out to make him slow down. But thank God all is fine. Praise Jesus!

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Nonstop Scrapping…

It’s down to crunch time for real! HOF entries are coming along slower then anticipated. Dh is home but will be gone again tomorrow but at least he is staying in CA and not haveing to go back to VA. We had him a special welcome home party last night. Abbey planned the whole think by herself. It was too cute. We went to party city and she picked out all kinds of mis-matched stuff, lol.

So all is perfect here and will blog more later this week. I am really trying to keep my focus on HOF. I was stumped for a bit but I have a good feeling wiht what I came up with. Not my norm but simple, great pics and lots of jounaling. All the things I love, it should get me somewhere, right? I mean some of my favorite past winners won like this so I think I have just as good a chance. I do feel bad that most of my lo’s are of Abbey and I do have 2 other children. Krista is a teen and isnt into taking pics and Blake turns 7 months this week and I haven’t adjusted to doing boy lo’s so my best work is going to be of my Abbey. No she isn’t my fav but she does get alot more attention because of her little delays. She will be re-evaluated soon for speech. I can’t wait to see what they say. I will keep everyone posted. Well I better go, food is on the table 🙂 I *heart* yall. Don’t forget me if I am gone too long, lol. I know I won’t be 🙂

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I have been having a really difficult time lately with questioning my creativity. I have not felt as if my scrapping work is really all what I want it to be. I am working on that. I have been soul searching for my true talent to come to surface. I had a revelation of sorts and it is a very strong one. I have decided that my true art is my photography. I have been told this by many but I guess I never really saw my photography as an art but more of an accent that goes with my scrapbooking art. I have been shown the light though and I realize that my photography comes first, my love of writting comes second and when put together my layouts will fall in place to create a perfect work of art. I am so very excited about this revelation. I think I will finally find that true style that I am looking, searching for within myself.
I have had many people tell me that I should start taking photographs for others as a business and I am really contemplating it. I think I will start by doing some shots for others to build my portfolio and then figure out the rest as I go along. I am planning to take some photography classes also. Combine that and my degree in web production which includes my expert level in Photoshop and I think I will totally be all set. So with Gods blessing. I am off to a new adventure, one that is going to catapult me into places I never thought I would be. I see the word magazine floating around in my mind, I always have, and I think this is an answer to my dreams.

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I cannot believe I got honored by being named POTD today. I was totally not expecting it and was shocked when my best bud Wendy pointed it out to me. I was so late getting on my comptuer this morning especially after my horrible night. I didnt sleep at all.

For those of you that do know what happened to me, those of you that may have read it on my post on 2 peas, I want to say that everything is fine and I have come to the conclusion that it was an attack from the devil. There is no other way to look at it. My biggest fear is to lose my dh and last night all of the worst thougths were being put into my head, and then othe thougths were put into my head.

My dh was in his room asleep, I will have to trust that answer which he has given me and even if he was out doing whatever, it was an attack by the devil and I rebuke him and cast him out of our lives in Jesus holy name. I am just happy that he is safe. The bible says that fear is not of God and the fear that I felt was so horrible, it is very evident to me that it was put in me by the devil. he made me think the worst possible thoughts and took control of my mind to force me into a sick terror. I dont think I can talk about it anymore without getting all shook up again but I just want everyone to know that the devil works like a snake and he sneek into your life in an instant and will lie and decieve you and try to ruin you in any way possible. But the good news is that Jesus has all power over satan. Jesus took the keys of hell away from satan and commanded him to bow down to Him, satan bowed down and shook in fear because he knows he has been defeated by the most high King Jesus Christ, for satan is powerless when Christ is present and always. I know with confidence that if there is any kind of wrong doing being done to me in any way, my Father will reveal it to me as He has done so many times before. So I will trust in Him and I will be very cautious of what satan is trying to do to me.

With all that said, here are some pics of my goodies I didnt get to post last night. My sweet sister sent them from Texas..

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Look what FED-EX brouht me yesterday. My sweetest hubby bought us both new cell phones. Isn’t he the most thoughtful, generous man a girl could ask for, yes he is.
I got the RAZR and he got the ROKR, which is awesome cause it has iTunes, which is right up his alley. I love mine, it is so sleek and stylish. It is so delicate I am afraid I will break it. I also got the awesome ear piece which has Bluetooth Wireless which allows me to talk hands free, I can have the phone in my purse and still talk and sound like I am talking through the actual phone. I can’t belive how clear it sounds. Wireless talking for 8 hours, oh my gosh, that ain’t even funny. The damage I could do with that, whoo-hoo 🙂



It has been a very eventful weekend for me and I have decided that I will do all of my shopping online from now on. I have 2 episodes of road rage in 2 days. One at Target and the other at my lss. It is a very long story but basically neither, I promise, were any of my fault. The target epsisode was a freak who basically did not want to stop walking at the cross walk so he proceeded to pratically walk into the back of my car and then he hit my car with his hands and then almost got hit by the lady behind me cause he didnt want to stop for her either. Well he waited for me at the inside of Target at the door and of course started to tell me stuff so I was so mad. Lucky for me the security guard was there and she saw that he was irate and crazy so she keept an eye out for me while I was shopping, and very quick shopping I might add. He really freaked me out. He was one of those type of people that you see on tv that wipes out a Mc Donalds or something. Really freaky lookng.

The second episode was at my lss which I wasnt even going to go there but of course since I was in the area, I couldn’t resist. I had to see if they had anything new, right. So I ran into the store really quickly and left Krista and the babies in the car cause I wasn’t going to be long and as I was almost done shopping I hear Krista honking the horn of the car like a crazy woman. So I run out to see whats going on and she says, “This man just hit the front of our car”. Oh my gosh, I looked at the front and sure enought his car was kissing the front of mine. I went into the pizza place where Krista said he went into and told him, “uh, hello, you just hit my car” and do you know what the idiot said, he said, ” I don’t remember hitting anyones car” in his best Forest Gump voice, I mean it was very obvious this guy was not all there. He even had a handicap sticker, okay. So I told him to come out and look and he walked out with me and just repeated himself of how he didnt’ remember hitting anyones car. So anyway he moved his car and there was no damage so I told him not to worry about it and he stumbled around his words and finally said thank you.

So… I have decied to not leave home anymore. This is not the first case of what my sister and I like to refer to as road rage. And I super promise that they are not my fault, I am not a maniac on the road, heck I wasnt even in my car for crying out loud. I have literally had men follow me and try to drive me off the road before, it has gotten very ugly. I really think that these men see an opportunity to pick on a women driver who is by herself and really take advantage of it. I bet if Mike would have been with me it would not have happened, the Target episode anyway.

But thank God, my hubby will be home soon. He gets here in one week exact and I can’t wait. He will have been gone 3 whole weeks when he gets here. But at least he got things straight and everythink is moving in the right track, thank You Jesus. Our God is so great.

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