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Can Everyone Say….

Lisa’s a dork! lol.
So someone emailed me to let me know that they could not leave a comment on my blog because of the settings I had on it. This answers my curiosity of, where the heck are all my friends who used to leave me comments. I can clearly see on my stats, that there are many of you guys reading and viewing, but, no one is commenting. I was starting to take it personal, lol. Not really, just confused as to why I felt alone in blogland, lol.
Anyhoo, I have changed the settings and now anyone should be able to chat with me on my commnets. I hope to hear from more of you now that I have taken care of it 🙂

I am going through thrift withdrawal. Can you believe I have not been thrifting in over a week! The cold weather keeps me in, like a bear in hibernation, lol. I love bears, maybe thats why {shrug}

Since I have not been thrifting in so long, I went up to my attic and started to rummage through some of the stuff I have put away in boxes that was stuff I had back in TX.
I found some really beautiful pictures that I used to have hanging in my house. They are angels and cherubs and with Valintines day coming up, you know I had to hang them. My home is not that style anymore but I found the perfect place for them and they look gorgeous, much to dh’s dismay, lol. I will post pics for my Valentines post next month 🙂 I will be decorating this year for Valentines day for our secret Valentines Admirer swap and we are all going to post our pics then 🙂

I also found this awesome tall jar. I dont remember what I used to have in it, but now it will house some of my buttons. It looks great with all my scrapbooking stuff in my armoire…

Tonights a big UFC fight, so it will be a great date night for dh and I. I hope you all have a great weekend! Enjoy!


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Cosmo Cricket has been way to wonderful to me, extremely generous! In addition to all the goodies that they sent me the first time, they have now sent me more goodies for being their Cosmo Picasso Girl!
Oh, and you have to check out the videos that Jon The Warehouse guy has been posting, they are so cute and funny. Thanks Jon for the great items you sent me from the warehouse!

Here are the pics of my goodies 🙂 The Biography 101 black leather shadow box case, which I adore, you HAVE to have one! And two paper pack kits with two way cool lines 🙂

We finally had a tiny bit of snow today. I missed it so much while we were in CA. I hope we get tons more. Here are some pics…

Here’s a random question for you…

What is your favorite way to enjoy a snowy winters day?

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I just love it when the big kid helps the little kid with her art. She bought this really cute doll set for her little sister for Christmas. It was a paint it yourself kit and they had so much fun using it. As you can imagine Art is huge in our home so it always makes my heart joyful to see the kids working together (quietly, lol).

What horrible weather we had this week. But we had to get out into it for a wasted trip to Target. I heard about their big toy sale and (as if my kids dont have enough toys) I had to go check it out. Unfortunately the Target I chose did not have much of a selection. I was lucky enough to pick up a piece that was missing out of our Thomas set at 50% off. That stuff is pretty pricey so I loved the discount. Did I tell you the story about my Craigslist drama. Well maybe not to much drama but very much unappreciated rudness. Anyway, I bought some Thomas The Tank Engine stuff from a lady on Craigslist and she told me that all of the pieces were with it. She was very friendly and nice and talked about how her son had outgrown Thomas and was more into Star Wars now. She went on to say how her son is learning from Star Wars that there are good people and not so good people in the world and that even though some people looked good they could be bad and vice-versa. Anyway, when I got home I noticed that not all the pieces were actaully there but a few of the main track were missing. I immediately contacted her to let her know that there were missing pieces and she wrote me back the next day to let me know that she was very sorry and that she would be looking for them and would let me know as soon as she finds them. About a week went by and she emailed me and said not to think that she had forgotten about me but she was still looking for the items. I gave her plenty of time to look and finally contacted her again about 4 times by today and I still have not heard back from her. I am pretty angry about the whole deal and I think what makes it worse is the fact of her talking about good people and bad people. Now I have to spend extra time and money to find the pieces I need.
I guess it sometimes pays to shop retail instead of trying to save a few bucks on Craigslist. Lesson learned 😦

This jumping thingy is fun! But now after all of my hard work to inflate it (which left me pretty fatigued) only about 1 hr of use, it has a hole in it 😦 Another trip to Target, lol.

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Some Goodies…

Here are pics of the goodies I got. LOVE shabbey vintage! Think of all the projects I can do with these. There are some awesome clear stamps, stickers and images.


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Just wanted to share some pics from our first shoot of the year. My sweetie was in a picture taking mood and I have to take advantage of that when it happens. I got some decent shots, ya think? Love playing around with the frames too 🙂

Just wanted to say a special hello to any of the sweet ladies from the Valentines swap that may happen to stop by. I look forward to meeting all of you 🙂 Post me a comment and let me know you were here, you know I love hearing from you 😉


Here’s a lo I did of my sweet angel, she so reminds me of Shirley Temple. I used some of my new goodies. I just love those vintage looking flowers! I got a ton of pretties to work with at a new little scrapbook store that I stumbled into last week. I just love it when that happens. It was in a small town that we were driving through and I hit the jackpot because they had stuff I had never seen before. I will post pics soon.


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Giving Praise…

We got news today from my Mom’s doctor. He said that the tumor is pushing against her liver which is not allowing it to drain properly and they will have to insert a stint to push it away and allow proper function.
He also said that the tumor has not changed, the radiation and chemo did not change the size of it and he sounded pretty much exhausted of options.

I thought I would feel sad and defeated and was pretty sure that she was not going to be very well after the bad news but, you know what?…. I don’t.
I feel like shouting praises to Jesus and letting everyone know that all glory should go to Him!
Because the good news is that…
The cancer has NOT spread! It is still only in the pancreas and as far as he can see on the scan, it has not spread. THAT is a MIRACLE!
They gave her 2 bags of IV which must have done wonders because I spoke to her on the phone when she got home and she sounds GREAT! She sounded the best I have heard her sound since before she got sick. I tell her every day to drink plenty of water but she doesnt do it.

Anyway, I just want to thank yall for your prayers and ask you to please continue praying that God will heal her and bless her through her next procedure.

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