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And ready for my guests. And excuse the carpet, we haven’t been able to have it replaced yet, lol. Oh and by the way, those beds were another great find. Pottery Barn beds retail over $800 each, I got both for $220! All bedding is from Martha Stewart.


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This is where we spent Monday. It is a beautiful plantation. This is one of the reasons I love the east coast, so much history here. I can get in my car and in no time be at a place where any one of our forefathers walked. I also love that there are so many “haunted” houses here, lol. This is one of them 😉
A home and working farm for nearly 300 years, Tuckahoe Plantation was Thomas Jefferson’s boyhood home. Considered by architectural historians to be the finest existing early 18th century plantation in America, Tuckahoe stands today in its virtually undisturbed setting on a bluff overlooking the James River valley.
A beautiful example of the early Georginan Period, Tuckahoe still contains the rare outbuildings which were the office and schoolhouse where Thomas Jefferson went to class.”

All conversions on pics are my own and done in PSCS2

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I hope everyone had a good one. This is actually the weekend that dh and I met 9 yrs ago. We met at the beach. I was there with my family, he was there with his friend. I will have to make a romantic lo abou it someday because it almost didn’t happen, now that would have been terrible. I mean, where would we be today?

So we didnt do much for this holiday weekend. We decided to get the yard done. It hasn’t really been touched since we came back from CA other then occasional mowing. We have a couple acres and there are a ton of trees so the brush was growing up pretty high and limbs on the trees were covering the sunlight from getting on the grass whick was killing it so he cut some limbs and all the underbrush down. We are exhausted. It has been a 3 day ordeal and we are still not done. Here are some pics and a pic of my prize winning fern (well, she is to me 🙂 And a pic of our play house that got left behind when we moved to CA. It is dirty but will look really good once we powerwash it, I hope anyway.

We bagged about 10 50 gallon bags so far!


Our poor house, lol

Abbey working hard, she moved most of the limbs by herself. I am so proud of her. Do you think it would be considered a child labor offense, lol

Blake is just happy to watch, lol

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So sorry I’ve been gone for so long. Been over at Scrap In Style TV and it is the most awesome site. They are so refreshing, nothing like the “other” sites. No sour grapes, lol.

I have great news about my mom. The doctor told her today that she is done with all of her treatment so no more chemo tube in her arm. She was so very excited, you could hear it in her voice. Praise Jesus. We will have to schedule an appointment with the pancreatic specialist to check the tumor but for now she is treatment free.
I told her that all of you guys were still sending your prayers and she said to thank each and every one of you. She said that YOUR prayers are helping her so much and she is really grateful 🙂

Did a few lo’s I can share…

Hambly Screen Prints…

Daisy D’s and Hambly, I did this one for a challenge over at SIStyleTv. It was to use an Andy Worhol inspired pic…

Fancy Pants. EA DT assignemt…

BG EA Dt assignemt…

Hambly Screen Prints…

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Don’t walk, but don’t trip on your way….


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Prom Night…

And I can’t tell you how adorable these two looked. I can’t wait to hear how the night went 🙂

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I had been meaning to post these pics for quite a while and since this past weekend was National Scrapbook Day, I figured I would post them now 🙂 It’s always fun seeing other people’s scraprooms so I thought I’d share mine since it’s finally completed.

My scraproom is located in my formal living room so it’s one of the first rooms seen when one comes into my home; therefore, I had to make sure it always looks nice. Mike bought me all new furniture when we moved back into this house from CA, isn’t he a sweetie 🙂
I know it’s not the traditional scraproom furniture but I wanted it to look a bit Pottery Barnish, not sure how much of a success I had though, other then my seagrass rug, lol. When my armoire is closed, you really can’t even tell it’s a scraproom at all (unless your looking at all the scrap mess on my desk, lol. Oh and by the way, that ink splattered cutting board on my desk was made for me by my cousin who makes these awesome cutting boards out of Corian (he installs countertops btw 😉

My great grandmother’s singer sewing machine is a special piece in the room because it is an antique that she gave me before she passed away. My scrap supplies are mostly stored in my large armoire, I try to keep everything neat and organized so I know where everything is when I need it (doesn’t stay that way for long). My asian trunk stores my pattern paper and my baby lock sewing machine (for when I want to actually sew, lol) and Abbey’s homeschool work. The body form in the corner of my room is just a fun piece and displays cards that were made for me by my dear online scrapbooking friends that I have met over the years. On my desk is my Mac, which I can’t live without. One of the walls in my room house’s my collection of wood stamps and my collection of antique camera’s and some scrap-related gifts that I have recieved. When I was in Houston, I bought an awesome shelf that I don’t have hung yet, it will go over my desk, I will hang it soon and post pics later.

This room is where I spend the majority of my time and needless to say it is my absolute favorite room in the house 😉 I hope yall enjoyed taking a peek 🙂

Hey, leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

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