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So many reasons to celebrate…

My mom is doing well, she has her very bad days but she is doing so much better than expected considering her serious condition.

We had an awesome fall on Thanksgiving Day so the trees that you see in the pics below are now totally bare. Our Thanksgiving was filled with friends and family and a GREAT turkey dinner.

We got the “coming soon” banner for the new store up and everything looks great!

I made my 2 year anniversary on my blog and didn’t even notice until now.

Sooooooo… for all of these things to celebrate in my life, I will include you, my dear scrapbooking friends and blog readers, in my celebration with a RAK. A BIG rak!

To enter for the RAK please leave me a comment telling me what YOU have to celebrate. I will pick a name by Friday and announce the winner her in case I can’t get you via email. So check back to see who won, it might just be you and I promise you will have reason to celebrate 😉

Here are a few lo’s that I had not posted yet. Enjoy and have fun!


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My View…

This are our views when we look at any window in our home. It seems like with this being our first fall back home, the leaves look even more beautiful, way more vivid in color.
What a blessing!

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It’s that time of the year again. The ladybugs are in full force at our house and totally taking over. If it is true that ladybugs are good luck then we are going to have a ton of luck coming our way. Every year about this time our house gets swamped with ladybugs and they find their way into our home. I hope you can see them in the pics, they are so cool marching around outside and inside of our house. We also are being attacked by wasp inside the house and that is driving me nuts!
Have a great weekend!

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