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Will start next week. Although I do not look forward to the Houston heat, I do look forward to seeing everyone. Yea!!
Things are looking up this week, we are getting closer to some answers that we have been waiting on with the business and we just are trusting in God with our whole hearts. He has shown me that he is making things happen and I give Him all the praise and glory. My spirit has been restored and I see miracles happening everyday that just amaze me 🙂

Guess what! My baby boy will be one on the 25th of this month and he started to walk the other day!!! Yea Blake! He is so proud of himself and we are so proud of him. I was just so thrilled that Mike was here to see him walk for the first time. Here are s0me pics of my little miracle ( I call him that because we never in our wildest dreams thought that I would ever have a boy)…

Ps 5:11 But let all those who take refuge and put their trust in You rejoice; let them ever sing and shout for joy, because You make a covering over them and defend them; let those also who love Your name be joyful in You and be in high spirits.

Random About Me Fact: Because I am going to H-town next week, I have to say that I hate heat. I would prefer to be in a snow storm than to feel Houston heat. I hate it with a passion!


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Vacation #1 is over. Our company is gone and Mike left today also. Everyone it’s time to get back to work 🙂 I feel that I haven’t scraped in so long but it actaully has been only a few weeks. I feel so rusty, lol. Tons of work to do though, tons of dt calls and still waiting on Paper House to give calls.
Now that vacation one is over, I have to prepare for vacation #2. We are going to Houston for Blake’s first b/day party. I wish I was more excited about going home but Houston is just one of those places that I really dont care to see. It is just so stinkin hot there. I have a ton of weight to lose before the trip too. I dont want to show up a big fat cow 😦 My mom always has to comment on my weight so I guess I have a complex about it. I hate that. I hate when the first thing she says to me is “Man, Lisa! Look at those arms! I remember when you were younger, you were so skinny” Thanks mom, those are nice words. All I can say is that I am not 12 anymore. So irritating.
So I am excited to see all the family and for them to see the babies. We haven’t been there in a couple of years. I will hardly recognize anyone. And of course I can’t wait to get back to that good ole’ TX food. Yum! Houston is still listed as the fatest city in the U.S. so you know they have good food. It was so funny cause when Dave was here over the weekend and we went into L.A. we had such a hard time finding somewhere to eat. I just can’t believe such a huge city and not enough resturants, lol.

We also went to Balboa Park which was fun. There were some people out there with a pet snake and Abbey and Krista had fun with it.

Here are some pics that Dave took from our weekend.

Randon About Me Fact:
When I was a little girl, I broke the windsheild of my mom’s car with my forehead, ouch! Back then we didn’t need car seats and she slammed on the breaks at a stop light and I went flying.

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