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Just Some Pics…

I had made this layout for Valentines Day a while back and forgot to post it (as usual) so here it is. I used the weathered wood stamp from Stampin Up and distressed the cardstock. I wanted a shabby frilly look so I used a ton of lace and hearts. This was perfect to go with my precious angel’s picture. She is just such a doll!

Here are pics from the circus that we went to yesterday. The kids (and we) had a blast!


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Happy Valentines Day!!

I hope everyone has the sweetest day ever! It has been a very stressful past 2 weeks as you can read in my previous posts but I want to take a break from all the stress to enjoy the virtual Valentine’s Day party that sweet Miss Jenn and Miss Cheryl hosted
We had a secret admirer swap and I hope my secret admirer was not too dissappointed in her gift, please keep in mind that I had to create it out of a hospital room. Here are the pics of what she got. I actually had to overnight her package to make sure she got it on time. Talk about crunch time 😉

And I received the most adorable gift box whith a precious glittery Valentines banner and the cutest vintage wrapped chocolate bar. I can’t wait to search all the blogs to see who my admirer was 🙂

We are off to the circus with our homeschooling group. A special Valentines Day surprise for the kids.

Have a heart filled day!!!!



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I’m Home…

I left at the end of Jan. to be with my mom. God’s timing was perfect because I arrived on a Fri. and on Sat. we had to take her into the ER. She was very weak and had not eaten in about 3 days other than sipping on soup. She improved so much during the first days in the hospital and the Dr. suggested surgery to connect her stomach to her small intestine to bypass the tumor. We discussed it and she was comfortable with it, especially because she felt so much stronger then when she had gone in. So she had the surgery on a Thur. the day after the doc. suggested it. The surgery went so very well. Our prayers were answered with a quick surgery and short recovery time. I stayed in the hospital with her for the whole 2 weeks, leaving only for a few hours that last weekend. I grew accustomed to the hospital cot that I slept on and I must brag that the hospital cafeteria is awesome.
She was released on the following Wed. after surgery. I had to come back home to my family on that Fri. It was very hard to leave but it was also very hard being away from my precious babies for 2 weeks. My dh did an awesome job holding down the fort. He is such a blessing!

Please pray for my mom as we thought she would do so much better after the surgery but she is now refusing to eat. She says that she has no taste or craving for food. She has a depressed attitude and sounds as if she has totally given up in her fight. I am very tired and pray that God will send her strength to keep fighting. If she could only eat, she could regain her strength and fight a good fight. She was doing so well before I left. I don’t understand what is going on in her mind now. I understand that it is horrible and depressing to feel like she does but I pray that she battle it all and not let the enemy take hold of her mind. She has told me and other relatives that what is going on with her is between her and God. She cuts our phone calls short. She gets short and annoyed when we talk to her about eating. I feel like I am dealing with an anorexic patient instead of a cancer patient.

I am at the point where, although I am still here for her and do my best to support her, I have to give 100% focus to my family and my babies. I refuse to let anything, even my mom’s illness, disrupt my ability to function as a mom and teacher to my children.

Please pray for me.

Please pray for her.

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