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Ooops! I forgot…

Today’s my birthday! How can someone have so much on her mind that she would forget such a thing? Guess it’s old age, lol 🙂

Have a blessed Sunday!


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Rainy Friday…

The update from Krista’s fight is that the other girl got a lesser suspension, they would not tell me how long, because Krista would not stop fighting when the teachers were trying to stop the fight and a teacher accidentally got kicked by her when pulling them apart. I can understand that and that is what we thought would be the answer. Krista is being punished and I will close on this topic. I am just so very tired.

My mom was feeling really great yesterday. Praise Jesus!!! When I was talking to her on the phone last night, I felt a presence of healing happening that was so strong that I started to get chills and tear up. I know that God is working a miracle in her body and I give Him all the praise and glory for it. Jesus is a miracle healer and I have to shout that to everyone as a sign of hope for anything going on in your lives!!!!!!

Abbey had her harp lesson yesterday and they got to play in the park also. Here are some pics…

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Today’s Recap…

Morning- Slow start as usual. Finding some awesome locations for business. Called bank, had a fit with the automated tele system.

Afternoon- Not good! Get call from Krista’s principal to come and pick her up because she was in a fight. I got the call at about 3:00 pm and the fight happened before school started. A girl that had been picking on Krista for the past few months thew a hard plastic ball to her head and did not miss, and proceeded to punch my child in the face. After that it was reported that my child let loose and could not be pulled off of the girl. Must be build up of putting up with bullying for the past 12 years, I dont know. Of course my dd got 6 days out and supposedly the other brut got 1 day out. I will be back at the school tomorrow to find out why and why I was not called untill late afternoon and also why the principal took the other girl to the nurse while my child told him that she had blurry vision and her head hurt from the object being thrown at her and he said that he doubt that it really hurt that bad. I have taken pics of the bruises and the redness on her face where she was hit. Her arm and leg look terrible. I am just a tad bit upset.

Night- Had a fit because I missed Idol. I didnt know that noone would be kicked off tonight. Boy did I have a heart attack not knowing what happened. I am going for Jordin Sparks all the way!

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The Aquarium…

Here are some pics that I took at The Aquarium resturant while in H-town. The kids always love going there. It is so much fun and the hickory smoked salmon is tdf 🙂
I may love it more than they do, lol

I actually got a shot of the teen, lol 🙂

My handsome hubby, he hates taking pics so I have to sneek 😉

And our every handsome and famous cover boy, Blake 🙂 He is getting so big now. I haven’t posted pics of him in ages I know 🙂

Love yall!

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April 17, 2007

Hi you guys. So sorry I haven’t updated in so long. I find it so hard to do so when I’m out of town. So we finally got home tonight. It was a long trip. My mom is doing good. She started her chemo and radiation yesterday. She was upset because they attatched the medicine to her arm like an IV so that she can get a slow drip for 7 days. The radiation seemed to go okay too. She was very tired last night. I said good-bye to her last night and I can honestly say that this is the first time that I didn’t want to leave Houston. She just looked so fragile, nothing like herself. My real mom is staying there with her but I know that she really prefers me to me there instead. They have never been that close and she is used to me being around and trusts me to do things for her more. I told her that I would be back as soon as I get Krista settled in school and as soon as I could get back I would. I know she hated to see me leave. I talked to her a few hours ago. She had just come from radiation and she sounded great. I was happy to hear that she felt much better today. She told me not to worry, that she would be fine. I know that God will heal her fast.

We have talked about moving back home to be with her. I know it is crazy and we are not sure but once again, I am torn on what to do with our lives and where we should live. It was hard when we left CA but this is so different. I just feel that even though we just left Houston in Nov. and have only been here at home for 7 months, that I really have to move back to take care of her. Is that insain. Should I pack up and move yet AGAIN???? The housing market is definately a buyers market there. We would be able to buy a house with no problem. I am in mental torment again. We are just getting all settled in here in VA again. What would you do????? All opinions very much welcome 🙂

Thanks for the prayers and please keep praying that God will heal my mom. She sends her thanks to each and every one of you!!!!

Love yall!

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Quick Hello…

Just wanted to post very quickly. I am in the waiting room at the hospital. Mom is in surgery for a feeding tube and one more scope scan. She is doing great. She can eat on her own but they wanted to be prepared just in case she would not be able to eat that she would have the tube in. She came home on Mon. and is doing a 24 hr stay today. She really is so very thankful for all of your prayers and so am I.

Mike will be home tomorrow, finally 🙂 It is so hard going through this without him here. We can’t wait to see him. Houston is good, hot, rainy and muggy 🙂

One quick note of what has brightened my days lately… my sweet Abbey Rose 🙂 She is such a doll! She is so very worried about her Grandma. She continually asks her how she is doing and prays to Jesus for a healing. This morning she asked my mom what she thought she shoud get me for my b/day. Isn’t that too cute. She is worried about getting me a present. She told my mom “Well, my mommy likes scrapbooking” She just grabs my heart like no other! Yesterday she told me that she was going to get married. I asked her with who? She said with her Daddy. I told her that her Daddy was already married to me and that she would have to grow up and meet a good man that loved her very much and had lots of money, lol. She answered me ” My Daddy is a man, he loves me, and he has lots of money” lol. That was hilarious!

Love yall! Will update again soon 🙂 Keep those prayers coming!

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