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Who brighten my world 🙂 My dear friend Sarah sent me an email today just to let me know… “Been Thinking about You…and praying for your family.” *Hugs* Sarah also My dear sister in Christ, Dawn, who is on bedrest emailed me… “God knows his plans for you guys (Jeremiah 29:11)” How sweet it is to know that I have friends like these to brighten my days. God has truly blessed me with some really awesome friends. Totally LOVE yall!

The shoot went so very great! They are a beautiful family who are so easy to work with. Here are a few great shots…

And here are some of my Abbey from today 🙂


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Somebody I know hearts K I Memories. And it’s my beautiful friend who has a dream…..


Not only is she a HOF’er but she is also a K I finalist, oh YEA!!!!!!!
Go all the way with it Wilna!!!

Random About Me Fact:
I was a cheerleader in school, can you tell, lol

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Ever After Rocks! Let me spill it on you my friends because I have a vent boiling over. I have had the worst week every.

Now for scrapbook realated subject that totally ruined my week:
Now how can I write this without sounding mean and whatever else people may want to call me. I have never been miss popular. I never liked to try to be miss popular because I dont like the pretending and all the brown nosing and sucking up that goes into it. I am not one to harp on not getting on a design team or to gripe and whine or anything else like that but I do have an opinion that I would like to voice and I will do it here on MY blog because I can.

I just can’t stand that there are so many artist out there that are getting so hurt over not getting on a dt spot that they would want to quit their art. It is not fair at all that these artist are being over looked because it is basically all a popularity contest. I am not saying that every person that makes a dt is not there because her art did not deserve him or her the spot. What I am saying though, that I know for a fact, is that most of the time certain winners are not chosen because of their work but because they are friends of friends of friends, or because they have some other behind the scene action going on, or they are just plain great actresses. Come on, it’s not new news, you can see it all over the message boards. The obvious is very obvious.

I cannot say that I am not disappointed by not making teams that I try for because I am very picky on what teams I try for. I dont just try for every last team because I want a list or a siggy line longer than the line at Costco. I try for teams that I feel a certain connection with, teams that I know I can produce great work for because I have a passion for them. What I have to wonder though, is…would the winners be the same if all entries were annonymous using annonymous pictures? Humm, probably not 🙂

Next my CK BIG disappointment.
I got a letter today about the layout I redid for them saying that they didn’t want to use it after all. Now, I would not normally be so bothered by this except for the fact that I redid my layout, literally tore it apart, taking elements off and changing the pic ( which I had to pay to get printed at Costco, not to mention the inconvenience of driving there to pick it up), for them to email me and say sorry, someone didn’t like it and we can’t use it. I just dont know what else to say. This really put the icing on the cake for me.

I dont know what to think anymore. This whole scrapbooking world is getting utterly rediculous. I would never stop though, because I am an artist first. I love the art. I love the paint. I love the photography. I love the journaling. I love everthing about it. So, no I would never quit creating. Maybe I WILL do something more though, but we will talk about that later Hee-hee 🙂

Love yall, thanks for sticking around this supa long post, lol

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